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Schools Tackling for Cyber-bullying Advice for Schools Tackling Cyber-bullying

Some key points to consider in this regard:

1) Conduct a needs analysis to inform cyber-bullying policy and programme
2). Get young people and staff involved.
3) Have a clear strategy and classroom guidance to tackle cyberbullying.
4) Update anti-bullying policies to include cyberbullying, which is a growing concern in Sri Lanka.
5) Keep updated with new technologies and young people’s use of these.
6) Conduct appropriate training for staff (and parents/young people). Also use these sessions to explore issues of ‘online safety, trust and responsibility’ and ‘digital literacy’;
7) Discuss and communicate cyberbullying issues with young people.
8) Implement and publicise a clear system of reporting – e.g. anonymous reporting/ reporting directly to service providers/ reporting to the school head and so forth.
9) Work with authorities and service providers.