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Cyber-bullying is the act of using Internet and mobile technologies to upset or humiliate other people. This includes irrelevant text/image messages and similar activities. Unfortunately many people engage in cyber-bullying without realising the seriousness or consequences of their action.

It is really important that schools, youth and other similar organisations understand how cyberbullying occurs, and need to react on reports of these incidents promptly. Accordingly, All schools and similar institutions should update youth anti-bullying policies with particular attention on cyber-bullying.

It is also important that schools, youth and other similar organisations educate young people on safe use of Messenger and Social Networking sites, discussing issues like personal information, reputation, laws, privacy, and data protection. They should also be supporting and empowering staff and young people by having clear and meaningful guidance on appropriate use of these technologies and services.

Confusedlanka offers training and consultancy, presentations and workshops in this area, so get don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel we can help you.

1. Advice for Schools Tackling Cyber-bullying
2. Advice for Young People