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Advice for Young People Advice for Young People

1) Beware of what personal information you share online.
2) Never share passwords, not even with best friends.
3) Always log off after using Messenger, gaming or other social networking sites.
4) Don’t respond to bullies, no matter how tempting.
5) Don’t forward messages of abuse- you could be breaking the law.
6) Keep all records of bullying – this may be an IM conversation, an email or text message. This can be used by the police, ISP or mobile phone company both as evidence of harassment, and to trace bullies if they attempt to be anonymous.
7) Think before you upload pictures onto a website, or send pictures of someone via email, mobile phone, instant messenger or social networking sites.
8) The online world is a real world, so be responsible in your online actions, and treat others as you want them to treat you.