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What Are Pay As You Go Internet Or Broadband Dongles?
As you are no doubt aware by now if reading way down here a dongle is a means of getting internet access via a small USB dongle that plugs in to your laptop. Mobile broadband is the general term for a service that allows you to get into the Internet from portable devices such as Laptop Computers via an internet dongle. This is the opposite to ‘fixed line’ broadband, which is the standard broadband delivered via cable in your office or home. 

This isn’t going to be of any use if you pan to take your laptop outside. Pay as you go dongles for laptops enable you to leave the house or office with your laptop and access the Internet. However it is not all good as their are some advantages to fixed line internet access over mobile broadband access. The advantages of fixed line broadband is that you can get high-speed Internet connection from any location, at any time, as long as you are within range of the network. The connection is via dedicated dongle that plugs into one of your computer’s USB ports, or via specialised mobile phone. There are two main types of mobile broadband contracts, the Pay Monthly contract Dongles and the Pay As You Go Dongles. 

The Two Main Contracts
These two contracts are the most widely used to compare internet dongle providers. Each provider offers these two contracts with several key differences. The pay as you go internet dongles operates on the principles that you are only committed to them for a minimum of 24 hours, but you have the privileges to extend the services after this period, and you can also purchase an extra data allowance when you need it, or can cancel the contract if you are no longer in need of the service. These services is best for those who are light users of mobile broadband, but still want to avail of the service. 

It can be used instead of fixed costs. This contract can be top ups with data allowances when required but the top ups work differently depending on the provider. To have Pay As You Go broadband, you choose the provider first. In choosing which among the provider is worth it, it is best to check the following factors: appearance, speed and price. 

Pay as you go internet dongles is also referred to as prepaid mobile dongle. It means that you have to pay first for the mobile broadband provider before you can start the broadband. Like any prepaid mobile broadband, it means having mobile broadband without having you committed on long term contract. It differs only on the packages offered, the pay as you go mobile broadband has limited packages while the postpaid mobile phone has unlimited packages to offer. 

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