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Phone phishing (SMShing)

There is growing evidence that criminals are using SMS text messages in phishing scams. For now, be careful about clicking on embedded internet links in text messages. You should also use your common sense if you get an unexpected text message. That lottery win could be a con trick. The ‘free’ anti-virus software could turn out to be a virus.

Modifying your device

Advanced users may try to modify the software that controls their device. For many users this goes against the terms of their contract. By modifying your device you are potentially opening yourself up to a number of possible threats. These threats could include:

• Downloading third party applications that contain viruses due to them not being monitored or vetted by the official downloading channels.

• Modifying can potentially mean you do not receive official updates which often include special security fixes that help protect your device.

• Modifying your device probably voids your warranty.