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The Most Expensive Download Of All Time

A world renowned mobile phone company recently reported charging a subscriber in excess of $66,000 for downloading three full length movies from the internet via his mobile phone.

The user was subscribed to the Vodafone, a UK company, "Connect 600" service, offering "unlimited downloading", which when reading the fine print actually meant 600 megabytes every two months!

As each movie was a massive 600-700 MB, it is easy to see why the Italian gentleman ran up a bill for $66,000! He has since appealed to the consumer authorities for assistance in paying his bill, but it is not clear whether any help has been forthcoming.

Mobile Phone Saves Indian Man In Death Fall

Thirty year old Indian Tkamzalian had a miraculous escape after an accident while driving between Itanagar and Churachandpur, Manipur with his mother, sister and brother. Their the car was involved in a terrible 300 feet fall, although amazingly Tkamzalian managed to survive.

While the relatives of Tkamzalian had reported the family missing, police where unaware as to the location of the vehicle. It was then revealed that Tkamzalian's mobile phone had remained active, and using cutting edge technology the police were able to find and retrieve the car.

Astonishingly Tkamzalian had survived 5 days without food, water or warm clothes, in the sub zero temperatures of Nagaland. After medical treatment, and a stint convalescing Tkamzalian has recovered from his ordeal. His mobile phone truly was a life saver.

Its All Part Of The Show!

After placing an advert in the local newspaper, offering her two poodle puppies for sale, Sally Edwards was amazed to pick up her answer phone message and here the voice of popular comedian Russell Brand asking if the puppies were still for sale.

It was only after rechecking the message sometime later that Ms Edwards overheard what sounded like an "audience" in the background, cheering and clapping Brand's every word.

Slightly bemused by the whole episode, Sally spoke with some of her friends only to find that Brand had been performing locally. Apparently he had commandeered a member of the audience's mobile, taken her number from the local paper and set her up live on the show.