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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

At, it's our mission to give you all the information you need to make informed decisions on your choice of telecom service provider.
We've compiled together a pool of frequently asked questions to help you understand a bit more about us and how we work.

What do you do?

We, at, are happy to announce that this is the first telecom comparison website of its kind in Sri Lanka and we get our comparative information either from the providers themselves who in many cases will send us the details of when their packages will change in advance or in other cases, we pull the information from the providers’ own published materials. In all cases, we check details submitted by all providers regularly to help our visitors make informed decisions or to reduce cost and not to get cheated by ill-informed news.

Are you impartial?

We are completely impartial and independently owned

What comparisons do you make on the site?

The telecommunication market in Sri Lanka is extremely diverse and crosses over a number of other telecoms products such as phone and Television amongst others. The competitive nature of this industry especially in Sri Lanka is such that the providers use cut-throat measures to lead the market.

In this scenario, we, as users of the service, are compelled to believe what the providers are saying irrespective of any comparative analysis, which gives us the benefits in terms of money saved. In order to make handle this complexity in a way that is useful to you, the final consumer, built this money saving mobile comparison engine to work in the following way.

• Compare Mobile Prepay Deals
• Compare Mobile Postpay Deals
• Compare Fixed Line Prepay Deals
• Compare Fixed Line Postpay Deals
• Compare Wireless Options
• Compare Cheapest Reserved Mobile Numbers
• Compare Office Broadband Deals
• Compare Home Broadband Deals
• Compare Same Network Deals
• Compare Mobile USB Broadband Deals

What else do you do?

We, at have not limited our comparative information only to the above. In addition, we have also made arrangements with certain telecommunication service providers to make our visitors cash back offers.

What is your affiliate programme

Simply put, in joining our affiliate programme, you can earn money as another source of income.

How can I become an affiliate?

Joining’s affiliate programme is easy and simple. If you have your own website, no matter how big or small you are, you can join our programme. All we ask is that you place a few links on your website to send your visitors to website. Every time a visitor from your site takes out a confirmed deal ( Mobile, Broadband or Fixedline contracts) with us, you get paid commission. Simple

Can I become an affiliate if I don’t have a website?

The answer is a big YES. If you don’t own a website and still think you can contribute positively whilst earning commission, we are happy to offer you a web site free of charge. The site design and hosting will be completely free and you only need to get a suitable name for your website and your online business.

How much commission do I get?

The commission you get depends upon your monthly volume and your affiliate level. See the following table for details.

Silver0 to 3,000 0.10 Cts25%
Gold3,001 to 10,0000.15 Cts20%
Platinum10,001 to 20,0000.20 Cts10%
Platinum Plus20,001 and above0.25 Cts5%

I have some more questions, how can I reach you?

You can reach us at any time of the day by emailing our reception at Your emails will first be read at reception and then will be passed onto the relevant department for further action.