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Bluetooth is a short-range wireless network that allows devices like phones, computers and headsets to communicate with one another. While not inherently unsafe, it needs to be properly used to avoid risks.

• If your PDA, phone or laptop has a Bluetooth capability and you don’t use it, switch it off.

• If you use Bluetooth, make sure that your devices are not left ‘discoverable’.

• Create secure trusted links between devices (‘pairing’) but don’t do this in public in case someone is scanning you while you create the connection.

• If possible, restrict access to known, paired devices.

• Do not accept files transmitted via Bluetooth from unknown or suspicious sources.

• If you lose a Bluetooth-enabled device, delete the pairing from the rest of your devices in case a hacker tries to use it to make a connection.

• If you have an older phone, check with the manufacturer to see if a software update is available. See The Bunker for a list of potentially vulnerable phones.